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Holistic/Spiritual Certification Courses at Awakenings Institute

Certified by Awakenings InstituteAwakenings Institute is a non-denominational non-profit religious organization with a mission of helping to create a more loving world where each individual’s gifts are honored and nurtured.  As part of this mission, Awakenings offers Holistic Certification Courses for individuals seeking to reach to their full potential and purpose.

Awakenings’ holistic approach is the way of the future. Integrating the body, emotions, mind, and spirit creates more love and happiness for each of us individually and for society as a whole.

Holistic/Spiritual Courses, Programs and More at Awakenings Institute

Offerings include the follow services described at Awakenings’ main website at

Holistic/Spiritual Coaching and Healing Certification Courses focusing on EFT (the Emotional Freedom Techniques), along with related holistic healing and coaching practices.

Publications (including books, audios, and videos) that are distributed through Awakenings’ publishing branch, Holistic Communications.

Personal Life Coaching and Healing Sessions with EFT and More focused on helping individuals to connect with their life purpose and inner wisdom so they can live life to the fullest.

Awakenings’ Ordination Program for qualified individuals who are ready to step forward as spiritual leaders.

University Degree Programs focused on recognizing abilities that are overlooked by the mainstream educational system.

Awakenings Institute was founded by Drs. Phillip and Jane Mountrose, who currently co-direct the Institute. We invite you to join us, wherever you are, in whatever way you feel called to participate. Together, we can create a new path that others can follow and play a role in making the world a more loving, peaceful, and joyful place. By joining together, each of us has greater impact. We can create an appropriate form for the realization of our dreams.

Awakenings Institute was born with this dream:

Imagine a world where love is the guiding force,
where the unique gifts that each individual brings receive honor and respect,
where all are nurtured in allowing their gifts to blossom,
to manifest the joy of living in each moment…

Imagine a world where all of nature is also honored,
so all may live in harmony and share an increasingly vibrant
and beautiful environment…

What we imagine we can create, starting in this moment.
This vibrant world will come into being as each of us empowers ourselves
to live the dream now and share it with others.
Playing a part in the creation of this dream is the mission of Awakenings.

In this dream, there is no poverty, because everyone is nurtured and loved. This love also eliminates the focus on fear and separation as we bridge the divisions created by race, creed, and national borders to co-exist together in harmony.

The environment synchronously benefits everyone, as people all over the world shift their focus to a more holistic approach that creates balance rather than congesting our home planet with chemicals and toxic fumes.

Increasing our connections with our wholeness, which we may experience as God, the Creator, Source or simply Oneness, brings us closer to making this dream a reality. We have an inherent connection with divine order. As we progress spiritually, we unite more with our inner wisdom, which, in turn, strengthens our connection with all-that-is. This evolutionary quest is an upward spiral, lifting us to higher levels of consciousness and wholeness.

How You Can ParticipateCoaching Lotus

With the creation of a new path and a place of belonging, we can collectively make positive changes in the world.

Awakenings invites you to join us by participating in any of our programs. Each of us can play a part in the creation of a new spiritual presence within our society, and make the dream a reality.

“So many of our dreams at first seem impossible,
then they seem improbable,
and then when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable


Current Offerings through Drs. Phillip Mountrose and Jane Mountrose

The Mountroses, who founded and currently direct Awakenings, are Ministers of Holistic Healing. In this capacity, they created this website in the late 1990’s. They currently conduct presentations, certification courses, and seminars. They also offer individual counseling, in person or by phone, with individuals throughout the United States and in some foreign countries.

Holistic Communications, the publishing branch of Awakenings, extends its reach to more people around the world with books, audios, and videos, along with bi-monthly “Heart and Soul” Email Updates. Awakenings Institute is non-denominational and welcomes participation from all interested individuals with joy, love, and blessings.

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“Make this your time. Awakenings Institute can support you in realizing your purpose and helping to create a more loving and joyful world.”

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