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In the library below, you can explore classes and handouts devoted mostly to marketing your practice.

We know we are here for a reason, just as we know you are. We’re all on a wonderful journey.

You have gifts to share
and people who are waiting for you to share
these gifts with them.

Our primary mission now is to help you to realize your dreams and create a successful practice. We want to share the best of what we have learned over more than two decades to help you to prosper and join in our shared goal of making the world a better place.

Please note that this is very valuable, targeted material on how to develop your practice. It’s collected from many classes on this subject we have given during this Coaching Healing Program. It would take a lot of time, energy and money to find this knowledge elsewhere, especially as it relates to building a holistic practice. We hope you enjoy it!

Your Marketing Library

Two Resources here:
One is the extensive marketing audio and handout library below. You can go through the materials sequentially, or start with topics that are most relevant to you now.

Second resource is our “How to Market Your Holistic Practice” course, that you can find here. This program has nine audio tutorials with handouts. It’s a companion piece to the library below.  It also contains a howto on Website in a Week

You can start with the Library below or The How to Market Your Holistic Practice course.

Marketing Library

NOTE: Wherever you see an audio player, you can download that audio by right-clicking on down pointing arrow.

Getting Started 1: Analog Marking, What is Marketing, Foundation, Be Professional, Your Niche, Intro Classes, Marketing Mindset
Getting Started 2: Analog Marking, Crafting Your Story, Marketing Funnel
Class 1: Core Issues, Chief Defenses, Building a Practice, Niche, Mindset


Niche and Benefit Statement Handout

Miracle Mindset Handout

How to Create a Teleseminar Handout
Note: teleseminars are becoming replaced by Zoom Conference, which we currently use.


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Class 2: Masterminding, Pricing, Writing Copy, Disclosure Form
Class 3: Metamodel, Listbuilding, Blogging
Class 4: Performance Anxiety, Credibility
Class 5: Analog Marking, Your Niche, Testimonials
Class 6 Essential Communications Skills
Class 7: Building a Holistic Practice, Core issues
Class 8 Analog Marking, 9 Steps to Building a Successful Practice

9 Steps to Building a Successful Practice Report

How to Create a Teleseminar
Note: teleseminars are becoming replaced by Zoom Conference, which we currently use.

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Class 9: Compartmentalizing, Chief Defenses, Building a Practice, Being Professional, Opt-In Formulas, DISCLOSURE FORM
Class 10: Analog Marking, Packaging Your Services
Class 11 Analog Marking, Niches, Testimonials, Inner and Outer Polarities
Class 12: Professional vs. Amateur, Niching
Class 13: Your Values and Gifts
Class 14: Goal Setting, Branding, Handling Objections, TWO Strategy Session Demos
Class 15: Compartmentalizing, Chief Defenses, Marketing: Meetup Groups, Talk Titles and Offers, Marketing Mindset
Chief Defenses and Marketing, Website Writing and Writing Tips, Coaching Wheels

Website Content Template Handout


Wheel of Life and How to Use It

Wheel of Purpose

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Creating a Coaching Wheel as an Opt in (or to use for coaching sessions)

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Become a Holistic Ordained Minister

Find out more about becoming a Holistic Ordained Minister on our other site: Click Here.


Also check out our article on Website in a Week here.

Another good marketing resource is Michael Port’s book Book Yourself Solid, which you can find on Amazon here.

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